Bumper Guardian +


Product Description

This system is an effective and affordable aid to any driver who cares about safety. When a parking sensor system is installed, the risk of a collision is reduced during maneuvers such as driving in reverse and during parking. The popularity of SUVs and other large vehicles increases the risk of backing into something such as another vehicle, the garage door, or even a person. And you don’t have to own a large vehicle to take advantage of the parking sensor system. Drivers of small cars also have to deal with situations like poor visibility, difficult parallel parking, and the threat of damaging a car when driving in reverse. Why take the risk? We will provide the type of sensors designed for your type bumper.

This device functions as an aid when reversing your car and during reverse parking. It ensures that your parking will be safe, accurate and easy in all situations. The sensor system is especially useful during parallel parking. Enjoy a confident and relaxing reverse driving experience. The advance asymmetric sensing technology produces a super-wide detecting capability that senses an extra wide angle of 160 degrees horizontally and 60 degrees vertically. This technology doubles the detection angle when compared with conventional systems. The sensors are designed to blend into the bumpers of all cars. Additionally, the sensors can be painted to match the original finish of your automobile.

Uniquely Flexible

The control unit has been designed to be flexible so that YOU can install and upgrade as you need. Start out with rear sensors. Install new front sensors.


    * Control unit to monitor Rear Sensors and/or Front Sensors. A popular configuration is 4 Rear Sensors and 2 Front Sensors. Front sensors require a display as well as a on/off switch.

    * The control unit can be used with both buzzers and LED displays.

    * Easy access DIP switch to change settings.

    * Easy access to buzzer volume control.

    * Connector with lock to reduce cables disconnecting.

    * Variable speed control can be used to engage Front Sensors.

    * Multi-sensing diagram (sensor's detection zone) can be customized at any time by DIP switches.

    * FlexiMount - the control unit can be mounted in a variety of ways.

Flat Plastic Sensor

   1. Suitable for flat plastic bumpers

   2. Colour matchable

   3. Flush mount

Angled Plastic Sensor

   1. 10 Degree Angle Sensor for plastic bumpers

   2. Suitable for bumpers that curve up or down

   3. Colour matchable

   4. Flush mount

Flat Rubber Sensor

   1. Suitable for Steel/Metal bumpers

   2. Black Colour only

   3. Flush Mount

Angle Rubber Sensor

   1. 10 Degree Angle Rubber sensor

   2. Suitable for Steel/Metal Bumper with an angle.

   3. Black colour only

   4. Flush Mount

Water Resistant EZ-Connector

Our superior design is clearly seen in the attention paid to the smallest detail. Every feature is designed to maximize convenience and ease of use. The water resistant EZ-Connector has been designed to resist corrosion, ease installation and simplify replacement


3 Color LED with digital display and built-in buzzer will accurately display in feet or meters. The frequency of the beeping tones and LED bar would alert the driver to the presence of objects as well as the distance to the object. The system is even smart enough to let you know if the object is on the left or right, and display the LED bars appropriately. Our FlexiMount bracket allows hassle-free mounting in the roof or on the dash.