Engine Guardian



  1. 1.Input voltage: 12 ~ 24Vdc

  2. 2.Detection temperature: -40 ~ 150 C

  3. 3.Sensor wire length: 10 ft

  4. 4.Conduit for sensor wire: 5 ft


  1. -Alert driver when engine temperature is in the critical range.

  2. -Optional function to override factory cooling fan system.

  3. -Digital display of temperature selectable in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

  4. -Simple wiring - Supplied external sensor.

  5. -Cost efficient with sharing display unit with parking sensor system

  6. -Rotatable display for easy mounting at any direction and any position.

  7. -Smaller control unit for easy installation.

  8. -Build-in speaker as backup output to alert using audible beeps.


    Most vehicles have a temperature gauge, but it lacks the ability to provide an audible warning when problem exists. This system will show the real-time engine temperature on a digital display. If the engine overheats, the Engine Guardian will start beeping intermittently to warn the driver. When the engine temperature continuously climbing, it will beep continuously. The main purpose of this device is to protect the car engine from overheating.

    Typically, the engine temperature will increase beyond normal operating temperatures before serious damage starts setting in. As the Engine Guardian will detect abnormally high engine temperatures, and provide an audio as well as visual guide to the operating temperatures of the engine, the driver will be able to judge and work to reduce the operating temperature (slow down, or stop the car for a while). This will reduce the repair cost and reduce the likelihood of needing and engine replacement. Additionally, the driver and passengers will not be stranded due to an overheated engine.


  1. -Prevent expensive engine repair.

  2. -Real time monitoring of engine temperature

  3. -Reduce likelihood of engine overheating and stranding the driver

  4. -Can help to prevent overheating due to:

    - coolant loss

    - hose leaks

    - malfunctioning thermostat

    - blockage in the radiator or hose  

    - malfunctioning water pump


  1. -Relay kit for original cooling fan override

  2. -Parking Sensor (2 or 4 sensors)

  3. -Parking Sensor Pro (6 sensors)

Optional Parking Sensor/Parking Sensor Pro, Front/Rear Sensor (Display Sharing)

* Display will only be share with the parking sensor purchased from carsensors.com